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For those Who say gen 6 came too early

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User Info: LegendaryOozaru

5 years ago#11
Soanevalcke6 posted...
Everyone knows what that means, we arent all 12 though.

don't be mad, it doesn't suit such a pleasant lad as yourself.

User Info: wufei8706

5 years ago#12
I meant where it came from... Sorry.

User Info: Infernus93

5 years ago#13
CM_Ponch posted...
It'll have been over three years since BW's release when X and Y come out.


Just seems shorter because of B2/W2. And because of all the Pokemon spin offs. And because we're hearing about the games ten months before they actually come out.

And because you're all getting older, and repeating the same experiences means less of the memory relevant chemicals are being released in your brains each time, so the passage of time seems shorter than it actually is.

Do something new every day, kids. You'll live longer. Well, it'll feel like it, anyway.
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User Info: ThatKipp

5 years ago#14
S_Fox posted...
From: jimmyzeke13 | #005
Gen 1-2: Two Years
Gen 2-3: Two 1/2 Years
Gen 3-4: Four Years
Gen 4-5: Four Years

Gen 5-6: Two 1/2 Years

It needs to be like this because with each generation there are more pokemon and gen v didn't even get a console game :/

That's because Gen 5 was a bit of a mess in general though. Not on a new system, no third version, 4th event legend released before the 3rd, spin-offs for DS (Typing, Conquest) and 3DS (Rumble, PMD), and you already mentioned no console titles. Not to say Gen 5 is bad, it's just kind of in a tough spot between the DS gen and the 3DS gen.
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User Info: Lord ZhouYu

Lord ZhouYu
5 years ago#15
Two and a half years at age twenty five goes by a lot faster than two years do when you're eleven, and I'm already continuously pushing back how soon I get into each successive generation.

I mean, if X(girl?) and Y(boy?) are good, I'll get them all the same, but it's becoming a harder and harder sell as time goes on.
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User Info: prince_leo

5 years ago#16
This pic sums it up basically:
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User Info: Brandon00151

5 years ago#17
In terms of number of days

1->2 1363
2->3 1096
3->4 1407
4->5 1451
5->6 1128 (assuming October 20th release date)

Average days between release dates 1289

1->2 745
2->3 886
3->4 1495
4->5 1414
5->6 959 (assuming October 20th Release date)

Average days between release dates 1100

User Info: pokemega32

5 years ago#18
prince_leo posted...
This pic sums it up basically:

Why do people always feel the need to include Green with the International Gen I games but never the Japanese Red or Blue?
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