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Gen5 was the worst by far.

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User Info: Benzychenz

4 years ago#21
Nah gen 5 was well paced so that you could use a full team and not need to grind.

User Info: Milso

4 years ago#22
What were you playing? The change made leveling a lot easier, since low leveled Pokemon would always gain more experience from battling. If you were under leveled, you'd get a boosted amount of experience, which meant you'd never fall too far behind and be required to grind.

It also meant you could change your team up a lot more.. If there's a Pokemon you get half way through the game, in previous games you wouldn't want to start using it, because it would be a chore to bring him up to the same levels as your others. Audino only existed to give a large amount of experience, you should never have needed to go looking for him just going through the game.
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  3. Gen5 was the worst by far.

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