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The trailer could certainly be older than we think

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User Info: Rman51

4 years ago#1
Some people might think that the gameplay and everything can only change so much from the trailer in 10 months...but the other thing to consider, and I am pretty sure I have seen this before, at least with demos, is how early of a build is the trailer based off of compared to where they actually are in development? Just something to consider...They don't HAVE to show the newest build...I mean, most people seem impressed :P Maybe it has improved much more before the trailer was even released...
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User Info: LightningHawk90

4 years ago#2
They could've been working on this for a long ass time in secret.
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User Info: Roobitysu

4 years ago#3
B-but the girl looks so deliciously loli D:
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User Info: jeffdogworthy

4 years ago#4
I was assuming the trailer was...

Well I was gonna say Beta, but I'm not too familiar with the stages of development, so I'll try not to be ignorant by throwing out terms that I don't understand.

Basically I'm hoping the graphics get polished up a lot by the time of release. lol. so I want what TC is saying to be true.

User Info: owkenny

4 years ago#5
im guessing theyve been working on it since 3DS was released or after Black and White finished. I cant imagine Nintendo would hold off a pokemon game on a new handheld at all. Im sure they want it out ASAP and since its suppose to be released this October, i would assume its been in development since the dawn of the 3DS.
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  3. The trailer could certainly be older than we think

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