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Doesn't it seem a wee bit early for the 6th gen?

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User Info: Alty1

4 years ago#11
I think it seems early because we're getting it at the same time as Japan for the first time. If Japan got it in 2013, and we had to wait as per usual, it would be mid 2014 before we got it, which is right on the mark.
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User Info: xtraxman

4 years ago#12
they just wanted gen 3 remakes instead of this so they wanna say thos gen is "early"
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User Info: xTreefiddy350x

4 years ago#13
Catcher_Freeman posted...
By the time these are out, Black and White will have been out for three years in Japan, and two in the US.

good point sir

User Info: _KGC_

4 years ago#14
FuneralCake posted...
No. How is it too early?

I wish people would stop saying this.

Well I can see why people might think that. I mean most people here would only care about an US release and the amount of time that was waited between Gen 5 to 6 for a US release is much shorter than the time period waited for gen 4 to 5 and gen 3 to 4.

Gen 1: 9/30/98 to 10/13/00 - 745 days
Gen 2: 10/14/00 to 3/16/03 - 884 days
Gen 3: 3/17/03 to 4/21/07 - 1497 days
Gen 4: 4/22/07 to 3/05/11 - 1414 days
Gen 5: 3/06/11 to 10/??/13 - 941 to 971 days
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  3. Doesn't it seem a wee bit early for the 6th gen?

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