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Day 1 Nuzlocke

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User Info: crixxx

4 years ago#1
Anyone else considering this?
I'm thinking of doing this when I get the game while trying to avoid the internet's information on the game.
It adds to the feel of a new world while adding challenge to a relatively easy game

User Info: NOM

4 years ago#2
Was about to make a Nuzlocke topic before I saw this one. I'm definitely going full on Nuzlocke on this day one.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#3
I wanting to do a kind of narrative from the view of a person seeing the actions of the protagonist back in B2/W2, that started from the airport. But I never really got to work on it.

Maybe in this one.
The refurbish NER, oh how you've redeemed me.
Walker, you're here because you wanted to be something you're not, a hero ~Konrad
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