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Have you ever caught them all?

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User Info: RacAmoRac8

4 years ago#31
in original silver i caught em all legit i remember trying so hard with one of my buddies and we kept running out of batteries with the amount of hours we put in lol
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User Info: ethicalanalisys

4 years ago#32
I can't even think if how I would start to complete the national pokedex.

I think I'm gonna try my best to complete black 2 national since I'm replaying it to get ready for the new game.
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User Info: Marbiaach

4 years ago#33
4th and 5th gen.
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User Info: Amareus

4 years ago#34
I tried with Gen 3 but that didn't happen :/
"Every gen past *gen i stopped playing in* are unoriginal and terrible" -kirbymuncher
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