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Fire/Grass, Fire/Electric, Fire/Water, Psychic/Electric, Ghost/Fighting,Dark Gym

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User Info: DarthLaharl

4 years ago#12
Krisipoke posted...
DarthLaharl posted...
Xazeal posted...
DarthLaharl posted...
Who else is looking forward to these things?

TMs that aren't infinite


I thought that was kind of silly of GF to infintize(new word) TMs, it just never really sat right with me, you can ignore that one...

I don't think at all that grinding 48 Battle Points just to teach Shadow Ball to ONE of your Pokémon was ever fun at all.

I enjoyed that a lot.
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User Info: Mephilas

4 years ago#13
If I wanted Fire/Water I'd go to the bar. >.>
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User Info: The_Undying_84

4 years ago#14
I'd rather they do something besides types with gyms, maybe each specializes in one stat, if they still feel the need to have 8, throw in a status specialist and something else.

But if they have to do it the same old way again, then there obviously should be a Dark gym. And anything but an Electric gym since that's been in every region (counting Kanto and Johto as one), Water also but that's not as bad since it's only in one 5th gen game.
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User Info: deevo117

4 years ago#15
Stats or even battle mechanics. A gym that would completely revolve around weather based battling. Like the weather automatically changes every two turns or something?

More gyms like the first one in B/W but on a broader spectrum. Instead of "you chose X starter, so I'll have Y team," it could be like you have this many pokemon, so I'll have this many too.

Also. Bring back a double battle gym, hopefully even triple and rotation too.

Edumacate players about all the different battle mechanics throughout the game instead of relying on Mr. Fresh Water's advice, "Pssst, Z type will pretty much get you through this entire gym."
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