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I wonder where X/Y came from...

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User Info: YM_Smash

5 years ago#11
You also don't read it as Pokemon X Version/Pokemon Y Version...
Kinda disappointed that they removed the word "version"...


User Info: KingCafe

5 years ago#12
If its genetics, which it probably is, then that is just stupid because both genders have an X chromosome.

BUT, it would be really cool if they made the legends have genders if it is genetics, they can still be unbreedable just give them a gender for once.

User Info: hmmmmname

5 years ago#13
Probably has to do with plains since its porting over to the 3-Ds which also hints at a Z version since the Z plain is the 3rd dimension
See you Space Cowboy.
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  3. I wonder where X/Y came from...

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