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Should NPC character die in this game?

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User Info: RamirezGloom

5 years ago#41
Dying? Ok, I'll bite. I got a little creative with Cheren. He was always a little "unstable" with his talk about not knowing who he was or what strength really meant. I thought "what if is search for power drove him totally over the edge?" So I drew a picture of an older Cheren using a cane and had one of his arms ripped off. I reasoned that he attempted to fight off Ghetis ' Hydreigon after his main partner died in the struggle. He was left for dead right in front of the main character and you could only watch helplessly as his body tumbled off a cliff. He lost his innocence and instead of dying he rose to create Team Entropy, a group dedicated to raising pokemon without love or compassion in pursuit of perfect strength. Yes, I have thought of an NPC "dying" but its not a true death. They come back "wrong", changed for the worst and the player is the target of their hatred for failure to protect them and for an unintentional betrayal of trust.
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User Info: Metalgenesis

5 years ago#42
A gruesome death of a supporting character, no.

A death from sickness or old age of a character, yes.
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User Info: Nerwrax15

5 years ago#43
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