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If you were a Gym Leader what type of Pokemon would you use?

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User Info: MegaWentEvil

4 years ago#81
Aku wa yurusan. - Kim Kaphwan

User Info: Rezalution141

4 years ago#82
I'd be electric.

I just like to see a shocking battle. (Bad pun)

My Team:
That's me!

User Info: TowerBooks3192

4 years ago#83
Normal: in honor of my friend named norman who I always call gym leader norman

Porygon z
"Once you go Marcus Munitions, you never go back us munitions"

User Info: kokirikid12

4 years ago#84
Dark, because my bad-itude is off the charts
Good Job Old Sport
Not changing until Donkey Kong 64 is released on the VC

User Info: MegaWentEvil

4 years ago#85
And I'd have a Fighting Gym cause my goodness and heroism is off the charts, kokirikid12.

*Poses like Warrior of Light from Dissidia*
Aku wa yurusan. - Kim Kaphwan

User Info: Jeroisourosin

4 years ago#86
Dark/Fire dual element gym leader ftw!!
I was wondering why the baseball was getting bigger,then it hit me
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User Info: LightHawKnight

4 years ago#87
If I had to choose, water or dragon.
The Official Odin of the Shin Megami Tensei IV board.
"You know how confusing the whole good-evil concept is for me."

User Info: Rethalwolf

4 years ago#88
I'd focus on stealthy pokemon.
Ones that represent espionage, theft, assassination, underhandedness, and distraction.
I haven't decided exactly which, nor which movesets, but I have a feeling either Bisharp or Weavile would be on there, a ghost or two...
My favorite types are water, dark, ghost, ice, steel, and poison. Not all for their offenses, not all for their defenses, just for their roles. Maybe I wouldn't have a poison type but a couple poisoning attacks for the assassin role.
My nemesis in the opposite title would be a justice-oriented leader.
I've been thinking of a whole setup of a game based on these two opposites, and physical versus ethereal, where you actually start in opposite realms/on opposite sides, with a thief legendary (I had a sort of bat-fox-raccoon in mind) and mallet-hand justice legendary.

But whatever, point is, those'd be my setups. Probably would have a shedinja in there for the sake of frustrating people... and isn't there a way to steal an ally's ability? I'd have someone with that to frustrate them further with a different typing.
Lol Sableye w/wonder guard. But no.

Anyway, yeah, my setup would be the Thieves Guild. Or Assassins Brotherhood. Or... some other team nickname that's more comprehensive.
"The point of war is not to die for your country. It's to make the enemy die for his."

User Info: Bane_Of_Despair

4 years ago#89
If dual-type were allowed, then Dragon/Dark. I think it's such a badass combination.

If only 1 type.....probably Water.
"Have you ever wondered if there was more to life, other than being really, really, ridiculously good looking?"

User Info: hyjinx17

4 years ago#90
Fire, no question

Charizard would be my ace pokemon
Rainbow Dash is best pony. The only argument I will accept is for Twilight Sparkle.
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