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Have you EVER abandoned/boxed your Starter even during your playthrough?

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User Info: gnerdus

4 years ago#41
In SoulSilver I boxed my Chikorita and used Giratina as my starter.
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User Info: Melkac

4 years ago#42
I boxed Servine...ugh, what a horrible starter. I can't believe people actually liked Snivy...for its design.

No other starter has been boxed by me.

User Info: ChiefCole

4 years ago#43
Not on first playthrough

User Info: LSSJ3Vegitto

4 years ago#44
I do this on runs where I breed myself an entire team for use.

User Info: AIvinn

4 years ago#45
Torterra, Empoleon, Serperior, Emboar, and Samurott.
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User Info: Eushie_Moogle

4 years ago#46

At least not that I can remember.

User Info: evilvideogamer

4 years ago#47
I'm assuming this dosen't count temporary boxing to use an HM slave to get through an area? Then no. I always use my starter at least until after the E4 and even then I still tend to keep them around. (Especially since my first game of every gen I pick water and I like to have surf onhand.)
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User Info: Meech55

4 years ago#48
Never. Even in Gen 2 when all of the starters sucked/looked super ugly.
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User Info: Geminia999

4 years ago#49
Technically no. I just really like the starters very much most of the times and can always get one that I usually really like. Starters are just designed to be that, starters, and they damn fine jobs in doing that. I'm very excited for Froakie this time around and so I can have a surfer (though he probably is going to be more physical inclined isn't he -__-).

As for the technical part. I was playing through Fire red and I just couldn't beat the Elite 4 when I started with Charmander (I still didn't quite get the more specifics and was just having fun) so i ended up transferring everything to my brothers game and restarted and got them back, this time starting with Squirtle
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User Info: Sword_of_Dusk

4 years ago#50
Never have. My starter has always been my partner through thick and thin. I couldn't just box him cause I didn't like him.
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  3. Have you EVER abandoned/boxed your Starter even during your playthrough?

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