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Mystery of the Ghost Girl

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User Info: deathbycookies

5 years ago#1
yeah this is off topic but meh

in B/W isnt there a ghost girl who disappears when you get close to her

is she in b/w2? by that i mean do you see her in b/w2 and can someone give an accurate telling of what happened? (lentimas town ghost mansion thing)

User Info: deathbycookies

5 years ago#2
bump? seriously looking for answer

User Info: GoldenSun3DS

5 years ago#3
I played White version but never heard of a "Ghost Girl".
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User Info: deathbycookies

5 years ago#4
the one on that bridge! something about an abra?

User Info: MetaFalconPunch

5 years ago#5
She's on Marvelous Bridge.
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User Info: Trackstarrunner

5 years ago#6
Ghost Girl on the bridge that starts with an M?

-Spoilers for those who didn't play black 2 white 2---

House she lived in caught on fire. She had a lunar wing (for Cellessia). you go back into the house and you get it and she re appears and allows you to take it. Now when you go on the bridge you can catch Cellessia (sorry if spelling is wrong).
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User Info: Lexifox

5 years ago#7
There isn't a mystery.

In BW1, the girl at Wonder Bridge vanishes if you approach her. Speaking to an old woman reveals there was a girl who used to play there.

In BW2, you speak to her at her house (which is stated to have been a place of tragedy). She lives you the Lunar Wing, stating that she was unable to return it to Cresselia, implying she was at the Bridge trying to give it to Cresselia.

In the Japanese version of the game, she tells you that the wing was unable to save her, implying she died because of Darkrai's forced sleep..
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