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To all those angsting about not having a 3DS yet...

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User Info: blh88

5 years ago#31
<-- Waiting for the inevitable 3DS/Pokemon bundle that will come with a special edition 3DS
so delicious and moist

User Info: suprseth

5 years ago#32
I was really hoping the TC's topic comment would be:
"suck it up and get over yourselves."

User Info: MellowLyricist

5 years ago#33
Why would you buy a system 2 years early for something when you could wait for a price drop, bundle, or other bargain?
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User Info: Roanark

5 years ago#34
Why? Up until now there hasn't been many good reasons to get one.
I just got mine a couple weeks ago for only $100.

User Info: Archwing3441

5 years ago#35
Fz_Echo posted...
I was actually waiting for this very moment to buy a 3ds. I wouldn't buy one just to play a bunch of spinoffs.
Nintendo? PlayStation? no...

User Info: Senran

5 years ago#36
From: Missingno_Mastr | #002
Hell, why wasn't Pokemon Rumble Blast enough of an incentive?

User Info: Naesaki

5 years ago#37
Once I've paid for Ni No Kuni Wizard Edition, I'll get my 3DS a few weeks after

I might get the Pikachu Edition :D
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User Info: BackwardCap

5 years ago#38
Yeah, I didn't need a 3DS until now. Especially when Black 1 & 2 was released for the regular ds system.
You can't even touch me!

User Info: Estheimaster

5 years ago#39
RTC3 posted...
yea im considering getting one

i'll stay the f away from pokemon though

*checks topic

You're doing a great job so far.

banjo kazooie posted...
I feel KI:U justified my 3DS purchase.

Me too. I got it for KIU and any potential Pokémon game at the time. Not disappointed.

User Info: fredie11

5 years ago#40
I didn't even need pokemon to push me to get one I had one since release
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