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If Nintendo made another Pokemon spinoff based on

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User Info: xxxxxn

4 years ago#1
Different aspects of the Pokemon world besides gym battles fighting team whatever similar to how Pokemon Ranger was different what would be your reaction?

If they read all these topics about how gamefaqs users would design their own gym if they could and made a game based on it where you manage several gyms at once one for each type. You choose which Pokemon of each type to put in each gym their moves what each gym looks like the gimmick of each gym what the gym badges look like and what TM you give trainers once they defeat you. Also each gym you control has a unique storyline to follow as you try to get each type gym to a five star rating.

Another game I thought would be fun and I've seen a lot of topics about this as well from fans asking to make a game like this is a game where you play as the bad guys.

User Info: generic_emu

4 years ago#2
I want to be a coordinator!
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User Info: Skozi

4 years ago#3
would rock its shnitzle. However, I think it would be better if you only managed one gym and just followed it throughout its career/history, and don't make it type specific. I want my Froslass and scizor to be on the same team.
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