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Alright, new generation coming up, so we need to decide the WORST generation.

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User Info: Smogoon

4 years ago#31
"oh no my fav(gen II) is leading. THIS IS RIGGED"

lol, gen II is objectively the worst, get a clue. -
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User Info: inTaCtfuL

4 years ago#32
no lie is it a bit weird to see gen 2 with half the total votes

well close to half the votes. lmao

User Info: Purugly

4 years ago#33
From: Roc_Raida | #029
I wouldn't put too much stock on this poll. I mean the poll was started by someone who heavenly dislikes the second gen and has an entire gang of people who also dislike it, plus the fact that each person on that gang has multiple alts. It's pretty easy to see how the results would turn out like this. -_-

i know OP in real life and can guarantee that he has no alts (anymore). they all got banned because he kept saying bad things about people with autism
not an alt

User Info: Benzychenz

4 years ago#34
Lmao at all the hipsters hating the old games.

User Info: GoldenSun3DS

4 years ago#35
Camelot asked for your support of Golden Sun 4! |

User Info: Dracovian

4 years ago#36
Wow, I'm shocked by the results. GSC is the best IMO and RSE is so forgettable to me. I barely remember anything about those games.
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User Info: TrueKirby

4 years ago#37
Gen 5.
I had a bowl of milk for breakfast. Without any milk. People who agree:1 People who don't agree:0

User Info: Kingmichael1337

4 years ago#38
i didn't like gen 3 because it was impossible to get pokemon from your gen 2 and gen 1 games and because it seemed to me that the pokemon were starting to look a lot more robotic (i mean look at groudon, kyogre, and rayquaza), but i guess everyone loved that

User Info: Gastroid

4 years ago#39
Gen II for me. Two watered down regions, terrible level curves for wild Pokemon and gym leaders, half the new Pokemon were stuck in random patches of grass in Kanto as to be unavailable until post-game, some Pokemon available only at certain times of the day, a weak plot consisting of "We're Team Rocket here to do random evil things... but not really."
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User Info: TheRedLuma

4 years ago#40
I pick my favorite generations based on pokemon within it instead of the games themselves usually. Not the best way to go about things, but it's what I do.

I started out with Gen 1 (not game-wise, but anime- and trading card-wise) and I must admit I think the pokemon are quite dull. I had a friendly argument with a coworker the other day and he made a full team of Kanto pokemon... I couldn't. In all honesty, I probably couldn't make a team of six from one generation until Gen 3. :/

But looking at it game-wise, I'm going to say Gen 4 is the worst, and I'm saying that because of the slow battle system. Battling the E4 was almost painful because their HP would fall so slowly!
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