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What do you think is the worst designed pokemon?

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User Info: LenneValkirye

4 years ago#121
Caomiaus posted...

Not sure if serious.
Probably not.

User Info: Shadow_StarWolf

4 years ago#122

User Info: PhantomSynth

4 years ago#123
Magneton since they just stuck 3 Magnemites together.

User Info: TherianReturns

4 years ago#124
Unown. It's based the alphabet for crying out loud. At least Voltorb is a ball that can explode. What can Unown do? Hidden Power? Hah. Despite how he looks I still accept these as Pokemon. But worst designed though, but kinda creative.

EDIT: anyone not saying Unown, especially saying common crybaby complaints like Vanniluxe or Trubbish, aren't real Pokemon fans.
Therian the God King. The only true Pokemon fan.

User Info: Milso

4 years ago#125
I don't get the hate for Trubbish. He was clearly supposed to be a parallel for Grimmer and is basically the same thing.. except instead of being toxic sludge, he's actual rubbish. Considering that, I think the design is quite cute and it's hilarious in its absurdity.

Gigalith on the other hand completely fails design wise. I think it's an idea that could have been great, but feels like they just said "screw it, that's good enough".

I also think most of the recent legendaries are horrible, with the "pantomime" horse trio taking the cake for worst Pokemon designs ever.

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#126
Gotta say...

Get on my bad side...and I'll freeze you solid!
Self-Proclaimed Kyurem of all eternity.

User Info: MettanAtem

4 years ago#127
Jynx, the Racist Caricature Pokemon.

User Info: EarthViper

4 years ago#128
I don't know but Sharpedo has to be the most disappointing. How can you screw up a shark pokemon?
Clam shell plastic packaging is, in fact, my mortal enemy.

User Info: Darkfire208

4 years ago#129
I think most pokemon are "absurd" in their designs at first, but once you get used to them they aren't so bad. Having said that though, Luvdisc is downright awful.

User Info: J_Can_Man

4 years ago#130

I always thought that a Voltorb popping open and releasing something completely different would have been way cooler than a....bigger Voltorb.
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