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This Pokemon will replace your underwear

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User Info: zeldagamer2123

5 years ago#171
Quilava. Whoops, that'll hurt.
Nah, Luigi's just a pimp. He's got Rosalina, too. - phantom0x
Well it doesn't matter because Mario is so awesome he doesn't need a cool final smash. -Sbladel

User Info: thatguyoncheese

5 years ago#172

I'm ok with this.
do you even lift bro

User Info: Slipboy444

5 years ago#173
KlingKlang...oh god my genitals hurt already...
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5 years ago#174
Sometimes I can`t see the value in fighting...There`s no profit in the enemies here, It`s a waste of time!

User Info: jayman12311

5 years ago#175
Palkia. Hmmm...
Pokemon White FC: 0132 4399 0697
Mario Kart 7 Name: WillClan/Gaben

User Info: Snakeinator33

5 years ago#176
Kyogre..... don't really know what to say about that.
PSN: Snakeinator_33

User Info: sinisterorion

5 years ago#177

I... I don't wanna play this game anymore
"Huh.. a ring that says you'll be together but not have sex. Isn't that called a wedding ring?" -- Butters

User Info: omegazero99

5 years ago#178
Chandelure... ouch
Waiting for: Sly 4

User Info: SilverSock

5 years ago#179
Jumpluff? Well, this could have been much, much, MUCH worse!!
I summoned a baby to attract a lion. It didn't seem to work, so I tried a delicious baby.
Regular baby ATE delicious baby. Horror....horror.~Gameplayingperson

User Info: TLeHn

5 years ago#180
Maractus. Ouch.

"Hito no yo ni, umareshi koro yori, ikusa michi, ouka...RANBU~!!"
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