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I feel like Chespin would have the biggest type disadvantage...

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User Info: Chocolateluverx

4 years ago#1
So, IF fan speculation is true in that Chespin would become Grass/Dark, Fennekin would become Fire/Psychic, and Froakie would become Water/Fighting, then wouldn't Chespin(or its future evolutions) have the worst type matchup out of all 3 of the starters?

Think about it. Ice, Bug, Poison, Fire, Flying are all super-effective against grass.
Bug and Fighting are super-effective against Dark.
So then Bug attacks would be 4x effective on Chespin (or its future evolutions).
Depending on whether or not Grass is resistant to Fighting in Gen 6, Chespin would also be weak against the Fighting type attacks. So that would make 5 types that do 2x damage and 1 type that does 4x damage to Chespin in the end!

Now, Froakie's possible Water/Fighting type combo would be pretty neutral since Water/Fighting does not effect each others resistances.

And Fennekin would have an advantage type-wise (if it indeed becomes Fire/Psychic, that is) since Fire is resistant to the Bug type, so Bug type attacks would be neutral to Fennekin since Fire and Psychic would balance each other out.
Since Ground, Rock, and Water are super-effective against Fire, and Dark and Ghost (but not Bug in this case) are super-effective against Psychic, then that would make Fire/Psychic weak to 5 types of attacks, but luckily not one would do 4x damage, unlike Grass/Dark.

So, all things considered, Froakie's Water/Fighting would have 4 weaknesses (Grass, Electric, and Psychic and Flying), which means it would have the fewest weaknesses out of all of the starters.

What do you guys think? I still think I will pick Chespin, though.

User Info: whitepsychtiger

4 years ago#2
Froakie should be water electric only weak to grass and ground...
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User Info: CrapFactory

4 years ago#3
The evolved forms are Grass/Fighting, Water/Psychic, Fire/Dark.

User Info: RippleLaser

4 years ago#4
Grass is always the screwed type, more weaknesses than SE, majority of water types learn ice moves, and most good grass types are not pure grass type, while pure water or fire(especially water) are at least acceptable.
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User Info: Mewtwo_soul

4 years ago#5
I doubt it's right as most of the speculation has some incorrect notions.

IE: Chespin uses AA in the trailor not Nightslash.

So the concept of it being Dark type is completely missing other than by a few hopeful people.

The purple waves from Fen, may have been confuse ray to make sense concept with equating kitsunes and foxes to Japanese mythology.

and the Frog, I'm assuming fighting sub type could be possible, but the way the design is it could also lead to ice [the move in the trailor means nothing it is probably the new animation for Water Gun] fighting, Water [standard], or etc.
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  3. I feel like Chespin would have the biggest type disadvantage...

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