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These 6 Pokemon

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User Info: Mugiloko

4 years ago#11
Koffing - D:
Croagunk - D=
Burmy - Using leafs as toilet paper... meh, it can work
Ariados - lol
Skuntank - ...
Dewott - Poor Dewott :(
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User Info: MetaFalconPunch

4 years ago#12
1. Toothbrush-Gyarados (Come on! My teeth aren't THAT big!)
2. Brand of toothpaste-Deoxys Attack (just using it practically destroys my teeth)
3. Toilet Paper-Nidoking (this is just sad)
4. Brand of hand soap-Marowak (no, just no)
5. Hair brush-Illumise (the only one that may actually make a FRACTION of sense)
6. Toilet plunger-Kirlia (I am SO sorry)
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User Info: lazycomplife

4 years ago#13
1. Toothbrush - Cofagrigus... not sure how that's working, but I'm most likely going to end up with tooth decay.
2. Brand of toothpaste - Pidgey (generic)
3. Toilet Paper - Quilava... Makes the jalapenos even hotter when they come out.
4. Brand of hand soap - Gastly... So I have a possessed toothbrush and hand soap.
5. Hair brush - Teddiursa, aww I've always wanted to rub that cute thing on my head.
6. Toilet plunger - Aerodactyl, just grab the tail and shove his face in there.
Wow really
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User Info: RobotPirteGhost

4 years ago#14
1. Toothbrush - Exploud. It would be kinda like one of those brushes that plays music for 2 minutes, only so loud that you go deaf.

2. Brand of toothpaste - Tirtouga. Fossil toothpaste? I hope it isn't really that old...

3. Toilet Paper - Nuzleaf. I can use the leaf on it's head and then wash it off. It just won't be very happy.

4. Brand of hand soap - Shellos. Sea slug soap?!

5. Hair brush - Meloetta. Not sure how this would work.

6. Toilet plunger - Chansey. Good, I hope it drowns.
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User Info: McFastly

4 years ago#15
big belly bump
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User Info: Roast_Grief

4 years ago#16
Toothbrush: Moltres. MY GUMS ARE ON FIRE. LITERALLY.
Toothpaste: Landorus.
Toilet Paper: Jirachi. My toilet paper grants wishes. Awesome.
Soap: Nidoran Female. My soap is poisonous, however. Not awesome.
Hair Brush: Milotic: My hair will be beautiful.
Plunger: Larvitar.
Uh... Zoop.
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