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So a friend sets you up on a blind date...

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User Info: DiamondAce18

4 years ago#21

Yikes, that jaw. *flees*

User Info: glitchunter75

4 years ago#22

Sorry, but I hate the cold.

And don't give me that, your Attract isn't gonna work on me. Or anyone else for that matter.
Gotta kill them all!: A satyr's take on the Pokemon theme song.
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User Info: MasterSpectrobe

4 years ago#23

Now I feel like a pedo
"Super Saiyans playing children's card games in space"

User Info: NinjaKitsune

4 years ago#24
Buizel. Yeah, I'll go for it.
If you see this, something broke gamefox

User Info: StarWolf22

4 years ago#25

Pretty sure I wouldn't even see it wave me down.

Tried again, got Volbeat and then Yanmega. I think I'll just chill with the Joltik instead...
so are you going to tickle my taint or what's up - The Trent

User Info: Azurinai

4 years ago#26

To be perfectly honest, I'm ok with this, she's a beautiful pokemon, I'll give it a shot. I wonder what we could talk about, it is the 1st date after all.

If it goes south and I try to leave early, will she baton pass to someone better? Or mean look to keep me there. Or both.
"Why do I check for updates when I know there's nothing there?"

User Info: pikachupwnage

4 years ago#27
Tyrouge.....I am straight and also don't date babies.

Pokemon generation six! All aboard the hype train!

User Info: Lourette

4 years ago#28

Not too bad... She's cute and even cuter in her human form from the movies, so I guess I'd survive.

User Info: ponderingcow

4 years ago#29

no idea how this will work out but hey I'll give it a chance
Posted from my GBA with L33T Cheese v1

User Info: McFastly

4 years ago#30
One of the closest Pokemon to not counting as beastiality
Official Donphan and PoliceMan Bob of the B/W 2 Boards and Black Club of the KI:U boards.
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