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So a friend sets you up on a blind date...

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User Info: smifypz

4 years ago#31
tries again- Dustox
once more- Darkrai

It would be cool to hang out with Darkrai, or else I'd leave and not look back
3DS FC: 2105- 9580- 9704 PSN: tennislover3195
Official Feraligatr of the Pokemon X board

User Info: droberts753

4 years ago#32
Dusclops. I'd probably go along with it, but only because it would steal my soul if I annoyed it.
Okami is the most incredible game that you've probably never played.

User Info: 0availablenames

4 years ago#33
Excadrill I am not sure what to think

User Info: neoblue107

4 years ago#34
Got Meloetta...

Yay. She'll sing to me. :D

User Info: CharizardFire

4 years ago#35
I got Venipede...

I say hello, inform her that her date canceled and that he sent me to inform her. I then tell her that she'll get a date next week.

I set my friend up with her next week as payback for such trickery.

User Info: xLinkku

4 years ago#36
Official Fennekin of the Pokemon X/Y boards
3DS FC: Bryan 4296-3998-3033

User Info: Richitsu

4 years ago#37
Ambipom... great, the one Pokemon with phallus fingers.
Nothing is impossible, everything is improbable.
Warioware D.I.Y FC: 2278-9312-1205

User Info: ZERO2936

4 years ago#38
Azumarill. Start screaming bloody murder.

User Info: Pinxed

4 years ago#39
Venomoth... *shudders*
Hobbits are Tolkien minorities.
Official Weavile of the Pokemon X and Y boards.

User Info: SolarStrider

4 years ago#40
I got Espeon.


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