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how many legit shinnies have you caught?

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User Info: Richitsu

4 years ago#31
I caught a shiny Ditto and I have my friends legit shiny Golem which he caught as a Graveler.

I do have some legit shinies from a give aways.
2 shiny Enteis, 2 shiny Suicune and 1 shiny Raikou.

I don't have a second shiny Raikou because I didn't realize I could get the give away with my Heart Gold as well as my Pearl.
I discovered that information eavesdropping on a child 1/3 my age.
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User Info: warcraff

4 years ago#32
Caught a few
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Black : Cobalion, Purrloin, deerling,
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User Info: MogMoogle1

4 years ago#33
Only 1. Hatched a shiny Petilil from White 2.
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User Info: Super Slash

Super Slash
4 years ago#34
None. I'm trying to breed for a shiny Charmander right now.

User Info: Gaming_Mastery

4 years ago#35

In Fire Red Nuzlocke

It killed my ratatta

But the cool thing was it was within the rules of the run
Gotta crash the mode.

User Info: xLinkku

4 years ago#36
1, shiny goldeen on HG I believe.
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User Info: Dracovian

4 years ago#37
1 Belsprout in Gold.
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User Info: Arkyron

4 years ago#38
23, 8 of which were Radar'd Bagons in 4th gen.
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User Info: VirtualAnomoly

4 years ago#39
2-depending on how you look at it.

I kept restarting the game until I got shiny charmander, way back in Red, sent him up with me and have him in black 2.

I also got a fossil that happened to giev me shiny (The name escapes me) it is a prehistoric bird from B/W (I believe Archeops.)

So he was legit, Charmander was sort of cheating.
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User Info: DMZapp

4 years ago#40
-Pink the Wooper in Diamond's Great Marsh.
-Utopius the Tropius in Black's Route 14.
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