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Gen 1 sucked

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User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#41
I think that throughout the series the games have gotten better. however there is one qualm I have with the newer games: the sprites. the spritework in the old games are at least alot cooler than alot of the new ones. certainly there were alot of bad ones back then but I also happen to think that over time the sprites for each pokemon have become blander and blander (I am right now re-playing red)
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User Info: BikdipOnABus

4 years ago#42
Does a game need to have extensive online features to be considered good? I've never done an online battle or trade (with the exception of 3 GTS trades where I moved my Pokemon from one game to another, I was basically just taking advantage of the evolution glitch), and I've still logged over a thousand hours into my Gen 4 and 5 games. The only online features I've used are the Dream World and various events.

I do kind of agree with the grid-based movement, but I don't think it necessarily hurts the gameplay.
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User Info: Benzychenz

4 years ago#43
BikdipOnABus posted...
Does a game need to have extensive online features to be considered good?

When it's practically the only new feature in the game? Yes.
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