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ITT: You Transform

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User Info: Roanark

4 years ago#1

You awake to find yourself transformed into the real world (mythical or not) counterpart to whatever pokemon you end up with.
Keep in mind, you are not the pokemon you end up with.

Your only freedom is to get somebody to say your name; being completely realistic how would you go about accomplishing this.
For some it will be impossible, with that in mind how would you live your life should you fail? Also remaining realistic.

If your pokemon does not have a real-world counterpart or the closest counterpart is human, try again.

(The concept here is interesting posts rather than a list that's little more than spam.)

Mine? Charizard.
The counterpart? A dragon.
Sadly mine would be one of those that are impossible, as anybody sane person would be afraid and either run, stand in terror, or try to kill me.
Which only leaves me with the option of fleeing to a remote area where I could enjoy the awesomeness of being a dragon.
Pretty lonely, but at least I'll never be bored.

User Info: Reyman500

4 years ago#2
Poliwag hax s

User Info: CrystalKing5426

4 years ago#3
Delcatty. Write out my name in the dirt when someone's nearby. Easy enough.
Other M is the One More Day of Metroid
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