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I think Fennekin's final form will look like Kyubimon

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User Info: Naruto

4 years ago#11
Fennekin's final will have nine ears.

User Info: darkphoenix181

4 years ago#12
No more naruto plz
Ninetails is enuf
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User Info: Heliotrope

4 years ago#13
ZackeCorvus posted...
Why does it have pointy candy canes as a scarf?

I think that they're meant to look like the bells that they have at Japanese shrines. At least, that's what they remind me of...
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User Info: cdkilgore21

4 years ago#14
summerclaw posted...
cdkilgore21 posted...
Looks a lot like Ninetails. I hope Fennekin's evos stay quadrupedal but are distinctly different than Ninetails.

It will look like Flareon then.

The fan drawn evolution didnt look like Flareon...nit saying that i think that will be what it looks like, but it can be done. I thought the fan made rendition of Fennekin's final evo was great.
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User Info: Mugiloko

4 years ago#15
Fennekin > Renamon > Kyubimon

Pokemon + Digimon crossover confirmed.
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User Info: abcDSBT

4 years ago#16
Nah, it'll end up looking like Renamon and be part Fighting.
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