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Gen V really shouldn't have been a reboot.

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User Info: Nacht004

4 years ago#11
I see your point but we honestly have no idea if Gen VI is really going to be any bit of a mover and a shaker. Of course we get that impression due to the move to 3D as opposed to sprites - that is very impressive, but we don't know if its really going to make any radical departures outside of graphics.

Gen V was a good nostalgia boost in the sense of giving us a game very similar to Gen I, where everything was new, but we dont know if Gen VI might be, for that matter, just like Gen II, where we get an expansion on the Gen V (or previous gens) 'mons, and 2 new types like a lot of people seem to be suggesting or thinking.
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User Info: Limen123

4 years ago#12
MM125 posted...
Ignoring the terminology debate, I have to agree with the TC's actual point.

Honestly, I feel they should have just held off and made BW on the 3DS. Like how XY are gonna become. That way, it would have really felt fresh and new like a reboot. Now, the transition from 2D to 2.5D and then to 3D isn't as overwhelming, IMO. The sprite change is significant though.

User Info: RedEcks

4 years ago#13
In my opinion, Pokemon needs a huge overhaul, and this is their chance to do it. Keep it turn based all you want. But it needs to sever its connections with previous gens and try something completely new. Because at this point, Gen 5 had some HUGE balance problems competitively, and it's time we break away from that.
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  3. Gen V really shouldn't have been a reboot.

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