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Something rather amusing I noticed...

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User Info: Chronoman17

4 years ago#1
I dunno if anyone played/remembered Megaman Battle Network, but the sixth game in its series had two versions; one named after a "Cybeast" called Gregar, sporting a blue-ish motif and focusing on ground attacks and general ferocity. The other was Falzar, also a Cybeast, and was a flight/wind-based creature sporting a red design. It seems that the sixth generation of Pokemon has a similar sort of thing differentiating the version exclusives (albeit the ground one not being so ferocious.) Just a nifty coincidence, I wouldn't doubt if someone else noticed/posted it already.
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User Info: Tequila_Shot

4 years ago#2
Right, because the Red and Blue dichotomy has never been done before. I mean, it's not like there was ever a Pokemon Red or Pokemon Blue, right?
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User Info: Masuta-Zeanoto

4 years ago#3
Nice observation, but Gregal was green, I think you're mistaking him with Gospel from MMBN2. Here's a pic:

See? Green.

User Info: sythierius

4 years ago#4
This isn't the megaman board.
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