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Why is the Digimon Anime so much better then the pokemon Anime?

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User Info: PsychoWolfX

5 years ago#111
CosmoKramer4700 posted...
Digimon Seasons 1 & 3 are awesome.

I LOVE season 1 and Tamers. season 2 was alright, but not nearly as good. I never watched anything after tamers.

Much better story. I still enjoy Pokemon, was always pretty routine

User Info: faruway

5 years ago#112
Love Digimon Adventure, 02, Tamers, Frontier and Savers or Data Squad.

Then...Xros Wars came with huge fanservice arrives.
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User Info: Hello10000

5 years ago#113
Season 3 and 4 are my fav. I can not stand 5 for some reason.
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User Info: GallantChaddymn

5 years ago#114
3 & 5 are my favs....
People who loves Adv 02 are usually blinded by nostagia or by the fact it continues right of of Adv 1.>.>
Season 5 gets to much hate,...

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User Info: Nerwrax15

5 years ago#115
GallantChaddymn posted...
3 & 5 are my favs....
People who loves Adv 02 are usually blinded by nostagia or by the fact it continues right of of Adv 1.>.>
Season 5 gets to much hate,...


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User Info: Shadow_StarWolf

5 years ago#116
Xros Wars is my favorite because it's full of character.

User Info: Yamato_san

5 years ago#117
RemixV4 posted...
Then there's the fact that Pokemon are just sparring, while Digimon FIGHT TO THE DEATH.

actually, Digimon can just spar too, though it depends on what canon you're looking at. In the majority of anime series, it's "save the world", "good vs. evil", etc., so of course the conflicts are bound to grow pretty savage. In the original V-pets, you really just raise and battle with eachothers' pets for sport, although potentially fatal injuries can result from these battles (really, the difference between Pokemon and Digimon is simply which genre they started out as: Digimon was originally a pet-simulator much like Tamagotchi, albeit with the additional action-oriented gimmick that they can fight one another; Pokemon, on the other hand, was always a collecting RPG, so for the sake of convenience, your team of self-raised, level 100 Pokemon can't be dying on you for reasons outside of your control, although you can release or trade them away at your own discretion). A lot of the video games also invoke the idea of Digimon battling for sport, albeit a more serious story does usually end up being incorporated ('course, the Pokemon games have done the same since at least gen 4, when the evil teams' plans started feeling less like a side quest on your journey to beat the champion).

warnerbroman posted...
Pokemon doesn't have fanservice like digimon.

No fanservice...


Lexifox posted...
The Pokemon anime is intended for young children. Like, the target audience is basically "Can you read? Yes? Then go pick up one of the manga".

Digimon is also a franchise that never tried to cultivate the perfectly squeaky clean image that Pokemon did, particularly because the franchise originates from Bandai, not Nintendo. Nintendo has a history of censorship and making sure its games are perfect for anyone and everyone because they cannot possibly offend.

because Zelda, Metroid, Fire Emblem, Sin & Punishment, Hotel Dusk, etc. are all roses and sunshine. Hell, even their franchises with more light-hearted aesthetics (like Mario, Kirby, Celda, or Pokemon itself) tend to mask some pretty dark themes when you really look into them. Also, Pokemon and Digimon actually ARE targeted at the same age group. Problem is that, due to different cultural standards on censorship, a large majority of Americans (and possibly westerners in general) have this gross misconception that shounen series are ultra mature due to their violence. They're kids' shows, they're called "shounen" (young boy) for a reason. However, this doesn't mean that adults should be ashamed for having an interest in it, especially when it's so well-done enough to easily transgress age targets and appeal to a far wider audience.

MileRun posted...
I liked it, though that may just be the nostalgia talking. My ranking goes something like:

-Adventure 01
-Adventure 02
-Xros Wars
-Xros Wars Hunters

no X-Evolution? Personally, I'd say it's my second favorite after Tamers. Though, I really should give Adventure another go, especially now that I'm older and the original Japanese version is more widely available than it was 13 years ago (not only that, but nostalgia for this series is up like crazy now, with a PSP game being released and Butter-fly having been a Japanese meme for quite a while now).

User Info: Yamato_san

5 years ago#118
Roanark posted...
Character development...
Pokemon has character... Regression? Ash always goes back to being an ignorant little kid at the start of each new season.
B/W anime was the worst contender of this, making Ash seem like he's NEVER done anything before.

Of course I stopped regularly watching the anime some time during the 3rd gen... Just got too boring and repetitive.

he actually did feel like he was "progressing" in the previous sagas. In Jouto (assuming you could stomach all the damn filler), he started actually winning gyms rather than getting pity badges. In Advanced Generation, he made a fresh start, still managed to get as far in the league using just his new Pokemon, beat the Battle Frontier (defeating a couple legendaries in the process), and evolved more Pokemon than he had previously. Diamond&Pearl, another fresh start, had a very good and powerful rival that he barely manages to defeat, gets stopped short in the league by a couple of legendary Pokemon (which he still manages to defeat in the process). So yeah, for a while, it did feel like he was definitely progressing. Every generation may've resulted in a reboot so that new audiences could keep up, but for older audiences who paid attention over the years, the character's growth did seem apparent.... but then Best Wishes had to retcon all of that and make him seemingly take no step forward but two steps back. -_- I swear, I'm almost tempted to say that this saga could actually compete with Jouto as the worst saga yet (Jouto at least had Team Rocket being funny).

Skull_pro posted...
I would like 02 if it didn't have so many damed plot holes. Also, unlike 01, tamers and data squad, which had more that one villain seemed to drag too much. I mean *SPOILER* ken ended up being manipulated by arekinimon which in turn served a villain defeated 3 years earlier. But we only see the nain antagonis of thst series for 3/52 episodes.

from what I heard, Oikawa was actually intended to be the final villain. But there were apparently some conflicted feelings about making a human the primary antagonist, so they just brought Vamdemon back for another go (only to half-ass that as well). At least Savers finally supplied us with a human villain (and damn, such a fine job he did).

Nerwrax15 posted...
School days is worse.

awwww, someone doesn't like awesome, busty yandere characters? T_T

But seriously, people who say "Pokemon is the worst anime" are either hyperboling, or have not expanded their horizons at all. Pokemon's hardly got the best story, but it has some great moments hidden within its hundreds of episodes (and movies numbered into the teens). Hell, for a blatant marketer, it's hardly at Digimon's level (and Digimon IS a marketing anime, even if it doesn't sacrifice story as badly as others), but even a marketer could still do far worse (try checking out hobby anime like Beyblade, B-daman, or Bakugan the next time you think about bashing Pokemon).

willingmess posted...
though I do admit that imperialdramon paladin mode is probably the most powerful digimon ever. (barring super ultimates and any arkadimon)

actually, despite being fused partly from Omegamon, and easily defeating an enemy Omegamon couldn't defeat in one of the movies, a lot of later material gives the impression that Paladin Mode is actually weaker than Omegamon (and especially Omegamon-X). For the record, Paladin Mode founded the Royal Knights, but is not a member himself. BTW, "Super Ultimate" is a somewhat ambiguous term that was mainly only used in the V-Tamer manga. Though if you consider them "the most powerful of Ultimates, most of whom evolved from another Ultimate", both Omegamon and Dukemon Crimson Mode would definitely apply.

User Info: DaRk MaGe2004

DaRk MaGe2004
5 years ago#119
Simple Answer: Digimon say their attacks.
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User Info: Yamato_san

5 years ago#120
DaRk MaGe2004 posted...
Simple Answer: Digimon say their attacks.

Mystery Dungeon.
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