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We need a Human/Pokemon Hybrid Legendary!

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User Info: Catcher_Freeman

4 years ago#11
This is what Mewtwo is, in the manga at least.

There wasn't enough DNA from Mew to complete the clone, so Blaine used some of his own DNA, making Mewtwo part human. - Viridi is best goddess.

User Info: Froakie

4 years ago#12

User Info: gamester_12345

4 years ago#13
Maybe the evil team of this game will try to activate genes in Humans to activate their latent abilities, with the boss potentially mutating into a beastial pokemon?

I mean just think about it, D/P has legends where Pokemon/Humans was singular, where they'd kill and eat some Pokemon whilst some Pokemon takes off their hides to reveal themselves as humans, not to mention that somehow Humans has telekinetic powers in the Pokemon universe...they could explain that with latent Primal genes being recessive?

Sort of like how in....

• Telefang: the owner of Sanaeba tried to induce Evolutions within humans to do stuff like launch missles out their arms by experimenting on Denjuu for the solution, unsure if he/they even succeeded.
• Dragon Quest Monsters Joker: Dr Snap researches on the Incarnus in a way to evolve...humans or something? long story short he turns into a monster in which we call Dr Snapped.
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