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I hate waiting for them.

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User Info: FungusForBrains

4 years ago#21
TC, this is part of the cycle, you have to live with it. And yeah, people were mocking the idea of Gen. II remakes, and saying that they would never happen, right up until they were announced. Oh, and Johto gets bashed all the time nowadays. People hate it just as much as they hate Gen. IV at the moment. People are haters.

Vexu192 posted...
Some people are just going to have to accept that Gen 3 was not as memorable as Gen 1 and 2.

We might still get remakes, but I wouldn't put money on it. The only reason Gen 1 and 2 got remade was so that those games could work with the newer games. Ruby and Sapphire have no problem working with D/P B/W as long as your DS has a GBA slot.

Gen 2 gets relentlessly based recently, but Its just the "Pokemon Cycle"

Gen. III is very memorable to me. Stop flaunting your opinion as fact. I would put money on it. Remakes would only print more money for GF. In fact, I have put money on it, and I'll be immensely happy when my friend hands over his money.
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