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You are now this Pokemon for the rest of your life.

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User Info: Sandrian

4 years ago#291

I can live with that. Or at the very least, I can poke people's eyes with my oddly pointy wings, and shock them.
She gots dat booty!!!
but then again, so does the gnome.... --- xMeta_Knightx on L4D2 Boards

User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#292
Tried again, got Porygon.

Now I can live inside the Internet, videogames and cartoons. MY GREATEST DREAM HAS COME TRUE
"I desire to go to Hell and not to Heaven. In the former I shall enjoy the company of popes, kings and princes..." - Niccolo Machiavelli

User Info: NaitoOkami

4 years ago#293
Lucario, WOOHOO

User Info: RanmaSaotome92

4 years ago#294
Electrode ... my life would be short :( haha
Xbox 360 Gamertag: xDark Repulser

User Info: Reikken

4 years ago#295

all things considered, I think I got off pretty well

User Info: Chaoskerzx

4 years ago#296
Mr. Mime. well I didn't want to be a child molester.
You translate a doctors words when he prescribed any medicine into:
(Insert number) of Tablets a day to Stay Alive

User Info: Benzychenz

4 years ago#297
Volcarona, I can live with that.

User Info: debot5

4 years ago#298

User Info: LightningHawk90

4 years ago#299
Ivysaur. I can deal with that.
Pokemon white FC: 0003 4423 2595

User Info: StupidMofoz

4 years ago#300

Well this sucks.
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