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So what makes legendaries so special if there isnt only 1 of each?

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  3. So what makes legendaries so special if there isnt only 1 of each?

User Info: itrainpokemon

4 years ago#1
theres an entei and shiny entei, everybody knows theres like 10 darkrais,latio and latias

the point is in the show and in the game there is more than just one of each legendary

this sort of spoiled legendaries for me

but yeah what makes them so legendary if they arent even the only ones?

and judging by the backstory of some legendaries it wouldn make sense to have more than one like giratina,arceus,celebi,rayquaza,ho oh
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User Info: GATTJT

4 years ago#2
Wasn't the Entei in the second movie just an illusion made by the Unown?
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User Info: Nerwrax15

4 years ago#3
Ho-oh is the pokemon incarnation of a Pheonix, so im sure i don't have to explain.

And as long as Mewtwo is one of a kind, thats all that matters
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User Info: Raiden_Fan

4 years ago#4
They're more powerful than more common Pokemon. High ranks, if you will.

User Info: TheCoolz

4 years ago#5
I assume there is only 1 Giratina as well as Palkia and Dialga since they were directly created by Arceus. For Celebi, I assume that there is only 1, but multiple Celebi's from different timelines can appear at the same time.

I'm not sure about Rayquaza or Ho-oh but there are multiple Lugia's throughout the world. I assume there is only 1 Rayquaza since only one appeared when Deoxys trespassed it's territory during the movie and it was the same Rayquaza that returned to fight Deoxys a second time. But then again in the Manaphy movie 1 was caught by Team Rocket so who knows .
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User Info: darkphoenix181

4 years ago#6
so there is 10 Darkrai but millions of Zubats....
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  3. So what makes legendaries so special if there isnt only 1 of each?

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