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These two Pokemon are your adoptive parents

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User Info: gnerdus

5 years ago#11
Stunfisk is my dad and Ponyta is my mom.

.... I don't know what to say.
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User Info: LazorFist

5 years ago#12
1. Pachirisu
2. Vaporeon

Abusive squirrel dad ftw

User Info: gwithy16

5 years ago#13
Vulpix is my dad.
Rampardos is my mom.

I feel like it should be the other way around...

User Info: Dragonitetamer

5 years ago#14
Oshawatt as my Father -_-!!!
And Snorunt as my Mother.... BUT... BUT.... THEY ARENT FULLY EVOLVED YET!!!!
I am gonna be an annoying Kid ignoring my Parents and stuff, just be disobedient you know?!

User Info: w00t1996

5 years ago#15

That explains a lot about my whore sister.

User Info: snacktimeguy

5 years ago#16
Dratini is my dad, Meinfoo is my momma.
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User Info: GeneralKenobi85

5 years ago#17
1. Sewaddle
2. Leavanny

Wow, what are the odds of that? And Leavanny is the mother too.
Ah, yes, the Negotiator: General Kenobi
<sneaky beeping>

User Info: Dream_Limit

5 years ago#18

:( This is sad.

User Info: TheCoolz

5 years ago#19
Audino and Petilil.

Cutest domestic violence.
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User Info: Insanititious

5 years ago#20
1. Budew
2. Vespiquen

I wonder if father would be displeased if he found out that I shared "secrets" with mother.
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