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How many times have you gotten Pokerus?

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User Info: Nerwrax15

4 years ago#1

That seems like alot to me. Guess this why i've only ever found one shiny.
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User Info: gnerdus

4 years ago#2
I caught it once in Diamond.
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User Info: ZackeCorvus

4 years ago#3
Never, I use protection.

User Info: Kitschgardener

4 years ago#4
Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold - all independently.

I'm extraordinarily lucky with Pokérus and shinies.

User Info: w00t1996

4 years ago#5
I got it one time when I slept with that prostitute :( . womp womp woooomp.

User Info: Dream_Limit

4 years ago#6
HG/SS x2

so 3 times

User Info: Zarren364

4 years ago#7
Soul Silver (Nuzlocke)
Black 2 (picked it up yesterday)
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User Info: Azurinai

4 years ago#8
Everygame on the DS.
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User Info: MovesLikeJabba

4 years ago#9
I got a shiny Slowbro in a trade on Black 2 with Pokerus... I know it's hacked -_-
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User Info: CosmosYears

4 years ago#10
All the way back in Crystal version on my own.
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