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Most Popular Type - Final Round

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User Info: CakeOfLies

4 years ago#11
Mugiloko posted...

Because Zoroark
Because Honchkrow
Because Absol
Because Drapion
Because Sharpedo
Because Weavile
Because Tyranitar
Because Houndoom
Because Darkrai
Because Arceus-Dark

I figured Arceus was cheating.
Because Arceus-Dragon.
Because Hydreigon (I got it first >:))
Because Flygon.
Because Zekrom.
Because Reshiram.
Because Kyurem.
Because Black Kyurem.
Because White Kyurem.
Because Dialga.
Because Palkia.
Because Magikarp.
Because Druddigon.
Because Kingdra.
Because Altaria.

Unfortunately, I think that's all of them. So there isn't more of them, but there's certainly more Legendaries.
"You think our rage a weakness? Then let me show you... how wrong you are!" - Edge, Final Fantasy IV
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