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Would a region based on Australia be cool?

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User Info: X_ULTIMA_X

5 years ago#31
Only if the crocodile hunter is the champion and his main pokemon is a mantaray...
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User Info: Kalavinka

5 years ago#32
Everything would be part Poison.

More like part Flying. Seriously, the average Aussie is more likely to run into flocks of lorikeets or seagulls than some kind of venomous snake or a herd of kangaroos. You'd have to be either really brave or a complete idiot to venture into the "death zone(s)". There's a reason most of the population is bunched up near the coast.
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User Info: jimrichards

5 years ago#33
banjo kazooie posted...
Alom_o_mola posted...
it should have the barrier reef, the deserts with uluru and other large rocky attractions

To have both mentioned, the game would need to occupy an area substantially larger than Japan. The largest region so far has only been the size of Hokkaido.

EDIT: Here, to help you visualise. The Great Barrier Reef is on the NE coast, and Uluru is around the middle.

That may be true, but it isn't like the maps for all the regions thus far have been at a 1:1:1 scale between each other and their respective real life counterparts. They could easily shrink down the scale of things either a little or a lot. And the geography needn't be exact either. After all, I'm pretty sure Manhattan doesn't have mountains or a desert.

Take a look at this image:

This is the area around Port Phillip Bay, on which Melbourne is situated and where the majority of the victorian population resides. You can even see my town on there. You could put a mountain range along the arc of the M1, M3 and M31, essentially containing Lilydale and the Yarra Valley. The player could start on the Bellarine Peninsula, East of Geelong, and travel clockwise around to Geelong, Melton, Sunbury, and the largest city, Melbourne (which, in a unique twist, contains the Elite Four building and the fourth badge), before continuing through to Lilydale, then South through Dandenong, Frankston, French and Philip Islands, Portsea, and then across the bay back to Melbourne. Or something like that. Maybe I'll make a mockup Region Map of this.
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User Info: DARKlegend64

5 years ago#34
I don't want to play my 3DS upside down the entire game.
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