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How are you going to play through Pokemon X and Y?

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User Info: 5ky_4nth3m

5 years ago#11
hmm, now that you mention it i'm kinda wondering myself.

i mean, usually the games take too long to be released in the rest of the world for me to be able to "endure the pain" of not checking everything i can about the new games.
but since x and y will be released worldwide at least in the same month, i might actually avoid spoilers this time around and do the first playthrough all by myself.
haven't done that since red and gold so it really sounds like a good plan.

User Info: RikusTwilight

5 years ago#12
As there will be new Pokémon I'm going to B/W it and use a team solely of new pokemon, grabbing everything that I can and getting my staple types in (grass, fire, water, dark, psychic and electric) in whatever form they come in.

I will be catching everything that I see, which will be a nice refresh since in my play through of BW2 because I absolutely hammered Black 1 in terms of catching everything I really don't feel the need to do so again in 2.

User Info: Polimario

5 years ago#13
I'll probably go around, catching whatever catches my eye.

Definitely gonna catch a Dragon though.
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User Info: FredCat07

5 years ago#14
I don't care, I just go with whoever stronger. And if I felt out of shape, I would swap last five (except my starter) for other five random pokémon to training.
What'the matter? Disliked my grammar?

User Info: adismaltheft

5 years ago#15
I always use stuff that I think looks cool and try to limit my team to not have more than one of the same type.
I think never is enough.
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User Info: Missing Number

Missing Number
5 years ago#16
I always just try to fill the dex to the brim as early as possible, don't care bout raising anything other than those I think look cool, so chances are I will have 2 or 3, and the rest will be Pokemon I'm trying to evolve and ditch

I usually don't reserve a perma spot for anything but my starter til endgame though
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User Info: meiyuki

5 years ago#17
My pattern for pokemon is to just use the ones I like that fit on the team through the elite 4, then when I'm in post game start working on catching everything and looking up info for a competitive team.
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