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C/D: Hoenn would have been better if the eastern half was cut

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User Info: KillerMechanoid

4 years ago#21
Hoenn would have been better if Zigzagoon didn't appear on EVERY grass route that wasn't around Mt. Chimney.

User Info: ClassyOldHat

4 years ago#22
Mugiloko posted...
D. Don't like water routes? Get a repel.

This "argument"... There are no words for the frustration this dead horse of an arguement gives me. I don't have time to write out a proper response, so have an old post

if you're defending the ocean with Repel and "Optionalness" you sorely misunderstand the complaints.

First, Repels. You probably list this in response to complaints of constant Tentacool and Wingull encounters. But I don't think the frequency of the encounters was the issue most people had, and that's only thing Repel would solve. In fact, I'd argue that the main encounter-related complaints come from people who WANT encounters. Why do they complain then?

To start with; the erratic levels of ocean Pokemon make for horrid level grinding. While the levels could be as high as 35, they could also be as low as 5. Considering that Wingull and Tentacool aren't exactly on par with Audino in the area of giving experience already, encountering ones ten or more levels below your Pokemon's level is just frustrating when you need that one last level to stand a chance against a gym leader.

Then there's the lack of diversity: part of the fun of coming to a new route, forest, or cave, in Pokemon is finding new Pokemon, or even just evolutions of old Pokemon. While you may "only" be required to traverse the ocean during the last fourth of the plot, that's still a fourth during which you will only encounter Wingull, Tentacool and Pelipper, unless you feel like doing some fishing (And even then, except for the areas around Pacifidlog Town and Evergrand City, the only things you will ever pick up are Magikarp, Wailmer, and Sharpedo). Can you name any other Pokemon game where fifteen routes have encounter lists that are nigh-indistinguishable from each other, down to level and encounter rate?

As for "Optionalness," well, there are generally three reasons why something optional is criticized, all of which apply to Hoenn's ocean:

1: It is not clear that the task was optional. The ocean is a big place, if you don't stop to check your map every once in a while, you may find that instead of heading to one of the islands with a gym, you have gotten yourself deep in an "optional" area, and now have to fly back to shore and/or retrace your steps.

2: Completionists will perform every optional task, and still get annoyed by boring/frustrating tasks. Like I said, the ocean is a big place, and for those who want every item, searching every inch of it to make sure there wasn't some Rare Candy on a sandbar can be a pain. That R/S/E and all games following them tried to make more "realistic" rock barriers on routes that sometimes looked like they could lead to a hidden secret did not help.

3: Just because something is optional does not make it immune to criticism.

User Info: vital_tundra

4 years ago#23
I saw just add more islands with more to do in the western half of the map. I don;t think the water routes were that bad but it wouldn't hurt to add a little more island stuff.
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User Info: iSwagX2

4 years ago#24
No. Hoenn is perfect as it is. Water. Trumpets. Everything.
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User Info: Lilraptor

4 years ago#25

There could've been a bit more greenery, but cutting it out would have taken out a bit too much.
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User Info: darkus_f

4 years ago#26
CM_Ponch posted...
D. Hoenn was fine
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User Info: Crabhammar

4 years ago#27
GlitterGuns posted...
NotChris_Hansen posted...
The eastern half of Hoenn is boring. It's just endless water routes and some boring jungle routes. RSE would have been better if it was set entirely in western Hoenn, maybe with a few extra areas.

Matter of opinion. A lot of people actually appreciate the effort that went into putting the water routes there. The undersea routes were especially enjoyable. Remove eastern Unova, and there goes one of everyone's favorite features from Hoenn. Also removed is the setting for the plot's climax (Kyogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza).

This. I liked the vast ocean.
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User Info: Someguy_13

4 years ago#28

Although too much surfing is only part of what's wrong with Hoenn.
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