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Pokemon X & Y Official Evolution Poll. Day 10 - Banette Evolution

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User Info: Scizoreon

4 years ago#21
After Dusclops got one it feels as if Banette should also get one.

As for the fanart evolutions, Jackonette seems the most fitting of them

Nominations are :

5 for Tauros/Miltank Pre-Evolution
5 for Kangaskhan Pre-Evolution

User Info: FungusForBrains

4 years ago#22
10/10 Banette really deserves one, especially since Dusclops got one in Gen. IV.

3x Arbok, 3x Garbodor, 3x Mightyena, 1x Muk.

User Info: 6bananza

4 years ago#23
Pachirisu evo X3
Cryogonal evo X3
Shuckle evo X2
Stunfisk evo X2
Official Articuno of the Pokemon X and Y boards.

User Info: Squirrelgate

4 years ago#24
Noms to Sawsbuck.

User Info: ConnorTheOtter

4 years ago#25
Official Dragonite of the Pokemon X & Y Boards
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User Info: Arc_Tech

4 years ago#26
All noms to skarm evo

User Info: reaverz

4 years ago#27
10/10: Banette was totally dissed in Gen IV compared to Dusclops. Let this be rectified in Gen VI. Banette could evolve into the first physically offensive Ghost type that isn't slow as molasses (i.e. Dusknoir, Golurk), which I'm interested in seeing.

x5 Quagsire
x5 Basculin
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User Info: ConnorTheOtter

4 years ago#28

Skarmory Evolution X 77
Ferrothorn Evolution X 71
Farfetch’d Evolution X 60

Tauros/Miltank Pre-Evolution X 46
Absol Evolution X 37
Kangaskhan Pre-Evolution X 31
Luvdisc Evolution X 30
Sawsbuck Evolution X 30

Arcanine Evolution X 28
Kabutops Evolution X 27
Arbok Evolution X 26
Vulpix Split Evolution X 25
Zangoose Evolution X 24
Lapras Pre-Evolution X 22
Dragonair Split Evolution X 22

Ditto Evolution X 20
Omastar Evolution X 20
Jynx Evolution X 19
Donphan Evolution X 18
Seviper Evolution X 18
Corsola Evolution X 17
Tauros Evolution X 16
Quagsire Evolution X 15
Basculin Evolution X 15

Mawile Evolution X 13
Aerodactyl Evolution X 12
Houndoom Evolution X 11
Spinda Evolution X 11
Torkoal Evolution X 11
Galvantula Evolution X 11
Scyther Pre-Evolution X 11

Sandslash Evolution X 10
Rapidash Evolution X 10
Kangaskhan Evolution X 10
Lapras Evolution X 10
Ledian Evolution X 10
Lanturn Evolution X 10
Granbull Evolution X 10
Smeargle Evolution X 10
Sableye Evolution X10
Kecleon Evolution X 10
Swoobat Evolution X 10
Aerodactly Pre-Evolution X 10
Kakuna Split Evolution X 10

Onix Split Evolution X 8
Lucario Evolution X 7
Octillery Evolution X 7
Xatu Evolution X 6
Dugtrio Evolution X 5
Chatot Evolution X 5
Luvdisc/Amoraroma Pre-Evolution X 5
Porygon Split Evolution X 5
Porygon 2 Split Evolution X 5
Shellos (East) Split Evolution X 5

Girafarig Evolution X 3
Mightyena Evolution X 3
Pachirisu Evolution X 3
Carnivine Evolution X 3
Garbodor Evolution X 3
Cryogonal Evolution X 3
Druddigon Evolution X 3
Pinsir Pre-Evolution X 3
Remoraid Split Evolution X 3
Stantler Evolution X 2
Shuckle Evolution X 2
Sigilyph Evolution X 2
Stunfisk Evolution X 2
Durant Evolution X 2

Ninetales Evolution X 1
Muk Evolution X 1
Sudowoddo X 1
Steelix Evolution X 1
Wobbuffet Evolution X 1
Delibird Evolution X 1
Liepard Evolution X 1
Onix Pre-Evolution X 1
Skarmory Pre-Evolution X 1
Jigglypuff Split Evolution X 1
Magikarp Split Evolution X 1
Lombre Split Evolution X 1
Vanillish Split Evolution X 1
Official Dragonite of the Pokemon X & Y Boards
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User Info: kangle4

4 years ago#29
10X Kangaskhan
Nintendo Network ID + PSN + XBLA: kangle4
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User Info: Illustriousness

4 years ago#30
10x Porygon 2 split.
I honestly have no idea what he's talking about.
PSN: Invictus_Pane
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