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User Info: iSwagX2

4 years ago#31

Jesus Christ...
"RNG Gang." | OT: iSwagX | Slaking.

User Info: genericname1234

4 years ago#32
Dragonite. Well it looks like Ash is going to be powering his way through the game.
"SR'ing is having the RNG abuse you." Deshokun

User Info: EJW

4 years ago#33
"Google is your friend"
Google led me here now answer the damn question.

User Info: _KGC_

4 years ago#34

Couldn't ask for a better Pokemon tbh, how lucky of me.
"You got to be careful if you don't know where you're going, because you might not get there."
- Yogi Berra

User Info: Hemerukio

4 years ago#35
Graveler. Not really good or bad for me, I suppose. Better than some others I could've gotten.

User Info: OldDirtyCR

4 years ago#36

Arceus doesn't follow the rules. I destroy everything.

User Info: chronifused2

4 years ago#37
ITT: people who can't read
Somewhere, Gamefreak employees are reading the topics on this board and laughing.-themagicpainman
Roxie is mine because I said so. OK?

User Info: MrFingers07

4 years ago#38
From: chronifused2 | #037
ITT: people who can't read

only like 3 people, and one of them even corrected himself. lol
:D Brawlin' Mains: R.O.B., Lucario, Pikachu, Wolf

User Info: Bane_Of_Despair

4 years ago#39

Technically a fairly good Pokemon but I really don't like Beedrill so that makes me sad ='(

EDIT: I decided to re-roll to see what else I'd get:


.........I'm done.
"Have you ever wondered if there was more to life, other than being really, really, ridiculously good looking?"

User Info: darkdragongirl

4 years ago#40
_KGC_ posted...

Couldn't ask for a better Pokemon tbh, how lucky of me.

I'm jelly.
Playing: Ragnarok Odyssey
I've got a poring on my mind, and toast in my mouth, let's quest!
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