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User Info: Hitman1102

4 years ago#71
perfectchaos83 posted...
Ryhorn At least I can ride it.

got the same, it's going to be tough going indoors though
Well, I could be wrong, but I believe diversity is an old, old wooden ship that was used during the Civil War era.

User Info: Geomagnus

4 years ago#72
Alakazam? YES! Psychic mind powers are now at my fingertips!

User Info: Samp98518

4 years ago#73
Alakazam. Might be a bit awkward since it has and IQ of 5,000, and can't forget things, but overall I am very happy.
"My plan was perfect. But there was one thing I overlooked, one factor I failed to calculate.
He's a dumbass. And there's no accounting for dumbassness.

User Info: catlover2002

4 years ago#74
Magneton. This could be fun!
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User Info: TwilightPhoenix

4 years ago#75

Screw Ash, I'm Giovanni!
Please, always procrastinate responsibly.

User Info: RanmaSaotome92

4 years ago#76
F*** yea charmander!!! my favorite hahahaha :D im stoked!
Xbox 360 Gamertag: xDark Repulser

User Info: thatmovingbush

4 years ago#77
gyarados, yes! one of my favorites.
Only stupid people make generalizations. No exceptions.
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User Info: HylianCyndaquil

4 years ago#78
#20 - Raticate

DAMN IT... had it been Rattata I would have been in the top percentage...

WAIT... Joey didn't even exist till Johto.

Not changing until a new Star Fox game is announced. (started 8/03/12)
Official Cyndaquil of the Pokemon X board! Brawl rocks.

User Info: zane0144

4 years ago#79
Pidgey and I will take the world by storm!
Song of the Day: Battle for Freedom FFXII

User Info: The_Only_Human

4 years ago#80
Jolteon. I am fine with this seeing as it is my favorite evolved eevee.
Gamertag: xxsavagedeathxx
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