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As the last of the mehecans

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User Info: VoidBeyond

4 years ago#1
I think these games should relate more to me, ese.

If not I'm going to shove myself in the box this game comes in and mail myself to America.
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User Info: lazycomplife

4 years ago#2
Remember the alamo.
Wow really
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User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#3
thank you all for making a fad so that all these will finally be put to rest in modland
Warning! the preceding post may cause severe laughter. viewer discretion is advised

User Info: Metaun

4 years ago#4
Best mock topic yet.
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User Info: CrystalKing5426

4 years ago#5
That wasn't a good episode of South Park.
Other M is the One More Day of Metroid
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