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Anyone here DO NOT want Pokemon to be transferrable?

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User Info: XcZeus3469

4 years ago#21
Yes I do want a fresh start
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User Info: Rogue Mutt

Rogue Mutt
4 years ago#22
I'd be fine with it if it meant some sort of stat/IV/EV overhaul. If not, there is no reason not to be able to carry them over.
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User Info: abcDSBT

4 years ago#23
No way. I don't want those long hours of "transferring" from Pearl -> Platinum and White -> White 2 to go to waste. It ticked people off 10 years ago, it'll REALLY tick people off now.

And I don't see how people hacking/RNG abusing is a good excuse to block out transferring. We would just hack/RNG abuse in these games, anyway. (You KNOW a 3DS AR is in the works now that these games were announced.)
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User Info: DarkBlueAnt

4 years ago#24
I like the mechanics the way they are. I don't want a new set of rules. I just want more options added to the old ones.

User Info: CrapFactory

4 years ago#25
Honestly, I'd consider it.

Gen V was the freshest Generation since Gen I. I really enjoyed it. I didn't trade Pokemon for a long time to it. And by the time B/W2 came out it was no longer fresh :P.

Freshness is good.

User Info: The_Undying_84

4 years ago#26
KingTumbleweed posted...
You realise this is the reason some people hated Gen 3? No, I disagree.

It's the reason I hate, also that it's own Pokemon are relatively bad.

The only people who want this seem to be people who don't want to deal with battling hackers on wifi, which is a stupid reason because they will definitely find a way to get hacked Pokemon anyways.
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User Info: Haku125

4 years ago#27
LOL no way in hell. Did you see the pokemon direct? The way how they went through the history of the games? There is no way they are just going to disregard them and have a "fresh start". Get out TC, your ideas are illogical
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User Info: LSSJ3Vegitto

4 years ago#28
As someone who has a massive event poke collection. Hundred's of 100's and many shinies. I'd be beyond pissed.

User Info: FlipManV3

4 years ago#29
KingTumbleweed posted...
FlipManV3 posted...
KingTumbleweed posted...
You realise this is the reason some people hated Gen 3? No, I disagree.

So you'd rather be playing Pokémon right now with no abilities and crap EV anf powering structure?

That game was a swivel point on why Pokémon is what it is right now.

Don't change the subject. I didn't even mention abilities or EVs.
People had their favourites on Gen 1/2 then Gen 3 didn't allow them to carry over. My favourite gen remains at gen 3 but the change was annoying. It's a stupid argument saying "So many RNGers/Hackers."

I'm not seeing any benefit to this happening, there are only downsides.

How am I changing the subject?

I directly stated that not doing a fresh start will only restrict new mechanics. My main point was never "RNG/Hackers", it was so we can improve the gameplay.

Again, I'm asking you. Would you rather have no abilities and crap powering structure? Because that was certainly a benefit. I don't see how any new additions is a downside.
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User Info: Donugee

4 years ago#30
Many of these pokemon I've had since my first gen III file; I don't want to abandon them!
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