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Anyone here DO NOT want Pokemon to be transferrable?

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User Info: pusho

4 years ago#61
Horrible idea, if you want a fresh start then dont transfer, simple as that, a lot of people has stuff from gen III and don't want to lose it, myself included, love doing nuzlocke runs and then transfer them.
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User Info: teaspoon16

4 years ago#62
I would be in favor of a fresh start. Like TC said, a lotta pokes are hacked, though I don't know why he is hating on RNGing because those pokes are clearly legitimate and it only evened the playing field in a moral way. But the main reason I want a fresh start is to update game mechanics and variables. -Most pokes from gen one are just too weak, I mean I miss the days when the original starters were top tier pokemon. I just want my Blastoise to be an actual special tank (like he's clearly meant to be)!

Oh, and more than anything, do away with IVs, that was the ruin of this gen. Why make some pokes worse than others of their kind? That was just cruel, GF
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User Info: Offworlder1

4 years ago#63
Wow this crap again ?, people still remember and hate gen 3 because of the BS it pulled not allowing transfer of any kind with gen 1 and 2, it pissed off a crap load of fans and some still hate gen 3 cause of this garbage. It was only with the gen 1 remakes that people forgave Gamefreak for such a colossal **** up though there were a lot of fans who still did not come back until the gen 2 remakes.

If you hate the huge number of pokemon thats your problem, no one is forcing anyone to transfer their pokemon just giving the option for the many who like this feature since it being absent in gen 3 angered many fans. Gamefreak making the same stupid mistake is not going to be accepted by the majority since it failed big time gen 3 for good reason.

If you really want a "fresh start" so badly don't transfer anything and just play with this gen's games. Just cause a few want a fresh start and no transfers of any kind doesn't mean they should get their way and everyone else suffers because of them.
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User Info: kingjam1

4 years ago#64
Some Pokemon will always be more powerful than others. Butterfree isn't going to be the same level as Garchomp. Not all Pokemon will have top stats.
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User Info: vital_tundra

4 years ago#65
I could understand why you couldn't transfer from GSC to RSE/FRLG. But there is no excuse to not allow it in some way.
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User Info: mjc0961

4 years ago#66
FlipManV3 posted...
I also hate the fact that a grand number of Pokemon is hacked or RNG boosted in some way.

You realize that making them non-transferable won't change a damn thing, right? Devices already exist to rip 3DS save game files. X and Y saves will be editable in the same way as all the DS game saves were. You're still going to have hacks all over the place, so might as well make everything transferrable.
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User Info: Chipspirate

4 years ago#67
Lol I had to play Gold on GBC and Fire Red just in order to be able to finally make my team the way I want.

I worked for this moment TO BE Able to transfer them...
I'd be ridiculous if you couldn't transfer them.

We are just aching to see our beloved and trained PKmns in 3D, this would be really the worst thing to do.

To be totally honest:

If you think you need a fresh start by all means: do it !

However don't expect other ppl to share your opinion, it can't hurt to at least have that option.

I'm already because we finally get a 3D game, now its time to complete the package by including this.

User Info: ClarkyMalarky

4 years ago#68
I support reworking the pokemon framework and denying transfers.
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User Info: Bronze_Stuff

4 years ago#69
I'm fine with that if they make it so that the enemies are far more balanced.

User Info: prince_leo

4 years ago#70
Everyone who is against the idea of blocking off transfers, are you against it if they rework movelists, base stats, and how evolution works for some pokemon?
Or are you so intent on not losing progress from the last decade that you want to see the gameplay make no innovation in such a big way?
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