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The best official name 2: Krookodile

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User Info: Spiega

4 years ago#11
It looks like a close battle between America and Germany today!

User Info: Spiega

4 years ago#12
Bumping again.

Who will win?!

User Info: Pooo869

4 years ago#13
Lol at the french name it sounds like a mix between horrible and crocodlie, my vote goes to germany
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User Info: Magmasta

4 years ago#14
Crocorible LOL

Purugly LOL

I'm interested in what official names purugly got
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User Info: Spiega

4 years ago#15
Looks like we have a tie... for now!

User Info: the_cajun88

4 years ago#16
From: Polimario | #002
Other: Swagodile.

That was Sandile's nickname.....

I vote Rabigator, btw.
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User Info: Gastroid

4 years ago#17
Make sure to properly post the previous results for all the polls in future topics.
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User Info: KillerMechanoid

4 years ago#18
Tough call between Krookodile and Rabigator, but I'll go with the English name because it looks more like a crook/escaped convict/burglar than a rabid alligator.

(Plus, I made the guess that its name would be Crookodile or Krookodile before Black and White came out)
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