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i hope berries and ribbons came back

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User Info: Second_Chances

4 years ago#21
Screw the Dream World with a rusty rake.

Anything to make that piece of crap go away will be a blessing. The only good thing to come of it are Hidden Abilities, which they can still give out via other methods.

User Info: Czar_Yoshi

4 years ago#22
YoyokuKO posted...
whats more appealing: trading with a trainer with a completed trainer card or trading for a pokemon with every single ribbon?

Is it possible to get every single ribbon on one pokemon legit?

You'd need it to come from XD, be able to beat all the master contests in both RSE and DPP, be competitively viable enough for Battle Frontier without being banned (Lugia)...

User Info: Nidhogg151

4 years ago#23
TIGERJACKS0N posted...
Nidhogg151 posted...
Berries still exist in gen V, you just grow them in DW instead. They are still obtainable w/o it as well via npcs, shops, finding them on the ground, etc.

And as someone else mentioned, ribbons were replaced by medals, which are far more superior imo. It is basically like Xbox achievements/PS3 trophies.

What is DW?

Dream World.
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User Info: MercuryEnigma

4 years ago#24
I definitely loved ribbons and was quite upset when they got removed. I also want to see RSE-style contests to return. Those were legit.
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User Info: Tenzhi

4 years ago#25
As I recall, I hate berries because I took a break from the game and by the time I got back to it all the plants were dead. I don't schedule my life around my game, the game gets penciled in at *my* convenience.
Often, when you try too hard to act superior, the opposite occurs.
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