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Animation depends on their nature. .

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User Info: james009222

4 years ago#11
i love this site
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User Info: saturn_frogurt

4 years ago#12
I like this idea.

If a Pokemon has a confident or extroverted nature (ie Brave, Jolly, Naughty), they will appear more eager to fight, while a Pokemon with an introverted or passive personality (ie Timid, Quiet, Bashful), they will appear reluctant to fight.
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User Info: overworldXtrme

4 years ago#13
A timid pokemon who would actually run away from battle. when you choose to run would be fun to see
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User Info: Hejiru

4 years ago#14
That would be a nightmare for the animators, wouldn't it? Doing animations for 700+ Pokemon is already a lot of work. Multiplying that by, what is it, 25? would be insane.

Besides, it'd be hard to do some of them. What would Lonely do? What would be the difference between Brave and Bold?

AlI_About_The_U posted...
I think I learned what "bashful" means by watching Snow White. Not certain.

This, I wouldn't know what the word meant otherwise. I don't think I've ever heard anyone else use it.
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