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Every NPC trainer should have a unique character model

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User Info: choobiator

4 years ago#1
Even if it's the same basic model for each trainer class with slight alterations to hair/clothing/etc. There's no excuse for a megafranchise like Pokemon to cheap out on this sort of thing.

User Info: XxMahnaMahnaxX

4 years ago#2
This is a really stupid idea that would waste time and space that could be used on things that actually matter.

This was a bad topic, a bad idea, and I hope you feel bad about all of this.
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User Info: torentdragon

4 years ago#3
Maybe, but I think it's alright this way. Also not having to make changes to every single character saves space. I don't know how much space could be saved, but I think it could be put to better use.

User Info: NaughtyGhost

4 years ago#4
This is not that bad an idea.

If you create, say, 20 generic hairstyles, 10 generic hats and 20 generic accessories, as well as pallet swaps for outfits and whatnot, you could have immense variety in trainers.

It also wouldn't hurt to create a set of battle animations, maybe 10 or so of them.

These kinds of assets in 3D can be shared across a wide variety of models if they all would work on the same skeletal structure (and since they're people, they totally would).

So you could have it so that no two NPCs would be EXACTLY the same down to every detail, even if you got several that looked similar they'd be pretty far apart so you'd be unlikely to notice it.
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User Info: DatuDugo

4 years ago#5
Some few variations like dress color would be nice.
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User Info: TheoryGent

4 years ago#6
If trainers were based on a central model that could alter parts of the clothing, then this would be the least-memory eating way to do it.

However, knowing Gamefreak, they would probably have types of trainer dress the same but alter coloring for maybe one or two pieces of model clothing. So unless it really matters to you that every single bug catcher have a different color hat, I think it would be best to allocate resources elsewhere.
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  3. Every NPC trainer should have a unique character model

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