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I would really like it if the Legendaries...

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User Info: Marbiaach

4 years ago#1
Fought each-other again. Let me explain. I don't mean how Reshiram and Zekrom worked, where one trainer had one, the other had the other, and they fought. I mean how Groudon and Kyogre worked, where they fought each other and you had to calm them down before they destroy the world or something. Dialga and Palkia didn't really care about each other either. (Although they did fight in the movies, and worked together in another movie.).
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User Info: natchu96

4 years ago#2
Dialga and Palkia's behavior seems more of the rather territorial mind-your-own-business type. The only times they fight in the movies was to get rid of whatever's in the way of them minding their own business. Even Giratina seemed like that in the movies.
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User Info: ghost1927

4 years ago#3
Best is when the legendary birds fought in the movie! I agree legendaries should have some sorta tension
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User Info: lulzace

4 years ago#4
imagine dialga and palkia just chilling w/ giratina dropping ill beats and spitting sick dragontales
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