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Which starter should Ash get?

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User Info: DARKlegend64

4 years ago#11
He always has the Grass starter. So Chespin would definitely be in there somewhere. Not sure with the other two.
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User Info: CakeOfLies

4 years ago#12
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User Info: BadDecisions

4 years ago#13
He should oversleep and get some defective crappy Pokemon that doesn't even like him.
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User Info: spadeguy

4 years ago#14
I hope he gets a Chespin. Only I want it to be mean XD
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User Info: SlimeStack

4 years ago#15
I'm hoping Chespin and Froakie for Ash, Fennekin maybe for the female companion.

And please let Froakie be Ash's first fully evolved water starter. Or if he doesn't get Froakie, let him catch and evolve some other water Pokémon. I'm assuming here that his Palpitoad won't evolve in the current season of course.
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User Info: supermoc10

4 years ago#16
I want him to get all three but if he only gets one, I want him to get Chespin (that's the one I'm choosing).

Also, maybe this time Ash will finally win the Region's League.
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User Info: paipr

4 years ago#17
dont know which, just so long as its just 1. and that that 1 evolves all the way.

that all said if i really really got my wish ash wouldnt get any. because he would be gone. except to maybe make a cameo in the next league finals. and to possibly beat the new protagonist, or to loose which is more likely.
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User Info: grape_purple

4 years ago#18
He will get all of them

User Info: Dream_Limit

4 years ago#19
Ash doesn't deserve jack ****.

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